Photo: mWave device (Image: Bombora Wave Power)

Bombora seeks mWave fabrication contractor

Marine energy company Bombora Wave Power Europe is looking to appoint a contractor for the fabrication of the main structure for its mWave wave energy demonstrator device.

The main structure is the key structural element of the mWave demonstrator. The primary function of the main structure is to secure the key assemblies and modules in a level position on the seabed, according to the tender notice on Welsh government’s procurement portal Sell2Wales.

The main structure is a steel fabrication with approximate dimensions of 75-meter length, 15-meter width, and 6-meter height, and according to the tender, it needs be delivered complete to Pembroke Dock.

The contractor will also have input into the design of the main structure to ensure it is aligned with the contractor’s requirements in order to successfully fabricate and deliver the main structure, the tender states.

To remind, Bombora has recently awarded a contract to Scottish engineering firm Apollo Offshore Engineering for the design of the mWave main structure.

The procurement is part of the project is for the demonstration of an innovative wave energy converter called mWave to be installed off the Welsh coast.

The deadline to apply to the tender has been set for January 30, 2019.

The mWave device features a series of air-inflated rubber membranes mounted to a concrete structure on the sea floor.

As waves pass over the mWave, the air inside the membranes is squeezed into a duct and through a turbine. The turbine spins a generator to produce electricity. The air is then recycled to re-inflate the membranes to prepare them for the next wave.

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