Boomsma Shipping and Leonhardt & Blumberg order up to eight low-emission dry cargo ships

Dutch shipowner Boomsma Shipping and German counterpart Leonhardt & Blumberg have placed a joint order for the construction of up to eight 8,500 tons low-emission dry cargo vessels, to be built by the Chowgule and Company – Shipbuilding Division Group in India. 

Image credit: Boomsma Shipping

JR Shipping Shipbrokers & Consultants acted as matchmaker and newbuilding broker in the contract, which includes four firm and four optional vessels.

“Climate change can no longer be ignored and ‘change of course’ is absolutely necessary. Regulations to achieve a greener shipping industry are coming into force. For the short term, our focus is on fuel consumption reduction. As a consequence, emissions are lowered,” Johan Boomsma of Boomsma Shipping said.

“The short sea shipping space is where most of the innovation takes place in order to make vessels more energy efficient and to achieve much less emissions of – for instance – CO₂. While entering this market, our group was to be an early adopter of these new technologies and therefore wanted to invest in a cutting- edge vessel type. Furthermore, it was important to us that the vessels would be built at a comfort offering, experienced shipyard and we are therefore very happy with the partnership with Chowgule Shipbuilding,” Torben Koelln of Leonhardt & Blumberg said.

Chowgule will build these vessels at their new shipyard in Mangalore which will start production in spring 2024 once the yard facility has been modernized.

The short sea dry cargo vessels are expected for delivery in autumn 2025 and will be prepared for the installation of wind-assisted propulsion, carbon capture, and emission-free operation on batteries.

The design is optimized for diesel-electric propulsion and ready for lifetime expansion and future fuels.

Dutch marine engineering firm Conoship International is behind the design of the vessels, which promise to deliver impressive energy efficiency performance, with 50% – 60% less propulsion energy needed compared to existing tonnage resulting in 50% – 90% lower CO2 emissions.

“The two shipyards in Goa, where all these vessels have been built, are fully booked until 2027. These yards can build vessels up to 7.000 tons of deadweight. Our Group has committed to invest in shipbuilding and has deployed resources to acquiring new shipyards that would increase the size of vessels we build and the number of vessels we deliver,” Arjun Chowgule of Chowgule Shipbuilding said.

“Earlier this year we were able to acquire an existing yard facility in Mangaluru (Karnataka). Chowgule Shipbuilding is currently investing heavily to modernize the facility and to prepare it for efficient production of vessels from 7,000 tons to 25,000 tons.”

 Once in service, the vessels will all be commercially operated in a pool by NewTide Chartering B.V. in Rotterdam, part of the Boomsma group.