Bordelon Marine Boosts Subsea Fleet

Bordelon Marine has taken delivery of the M/V Shelia Bordelon, a DP2 Ultra-Light Intervention Vessel (ULIV).

This, Stingray series 260 class, vessel features an NOV 50 ton Active Heave Compensating crane with 3,000 meters of wire, a mezzanine deck with internal office and control rooms, capable of supporting two full work class ROV systems.

The M/V Shelia Bordelon offers 6,200 square feet of clear useable deck space, POB of 60, and two independent thru-hull USBL systems. The vessel is also equipped with four additional below deck Tier 3 generators, providing fully redundant power to the crane and ROV systems.

Wes Bordelon, President and CEO, said: “We are very excited to introduce the M/V Shelia Bordelon and the ULIV concept to the subsea market. We think it hits a sweet spot and provides an affordable high-spec option that the industry is currently missing. As subsea infrastructure develops, the ULIV will play an increasingly important role in the vessel portfolio of these projects. Thus providing a much needed cost benefit option to the client.”

In addition, the ‘Shelia Bordelon’ also features a pink stripe and the Susan G. Komen logo. Named in honor of Shelia Harasimowicz, Wes Bordelon’s mother-in-law, and two time breast cancer survivor. Bordelon Marine has said it will donate a portion of the profits from the M/V Shelia Bordelon to the New Orleans affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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