Brazil: Petrobras to Use AGR’s Environmentally Friendly RMR®

AGR Drilling Services has signed contracts with Petrobras to provide its RMR® services for the corporation’s offshore operations.

The two-year deals initially apply to operations in the Rio Grande do Norte/Ceara region, based in Natal.

The Norwegian firm’s patented Riserless Mud Recovery system will provide Petrobras with a more eco-friendly way to drill the top-hole section of wells in these environmentally sensitive waters. In addition, the system will allow Petrobras to utilise dual-gradient drilling techniques for the next phase of drilling, inside the conductor string.

The RMR® equipment (Suction Module with ROV pictured) will be delivered to the Natal/Mossoro area in the second quarter of 2011. This is the first time the technology will be used off Brazil.

AGR DS is now a fully registered company in Brazil – AGR Drilling Services do Brasil LTDA – and has already hired its first local employee to provide technical and offshore operational support to the Petrobras contracts.

AGR DS has provided RMR® services on more than 130 wells worldwide.

AGR Drilling Services is a part of the Norwegian Listed Company AGR Group ASA. AGR Drilling Services supplies equipment and services for drilling and well operations to the global offshore industry. It has offices in Norway, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, the UK and the USA.


Source:  AGR, December 23, 2010;