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C-Kore delivers OZ subsea inspection campaign

C-Kore Systems has finished a series of deployments with an Australian operator to perform detailed measurements of downhole gauges.

The C-Kore Subsea TDR unit verified the downhole connections and cables, providing information on the location of anomalies.

The information gained would be difficult or impossible to measure using traditional testing methods, C-Kore said.

It also allows the operator to learn lessons for future well installation campaigns.

C-Kore Systems has a range of subsea testing tools used on both fault-finding operations and new installation campaigns.

The tools perform rapid subsea measurement, saving customers money by reducing the vessel time needed to perform subsea testing. The autonomous units also require no extra personnel offshore.

A subsea engineer from the Australian operator commented:

“After initial testing of equipment in our workshop, we deployed on multiple offshore mobilizations to test several subsea wells. The detail in the results was better than we anticipated, giving very accurate information. For future drilling campaigns we would like to use the Subsea TDR units to get baseline readings on all our wells.”

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Greg Smith, general manager of C-Kore commented further: “As downhole testing is a new application for our technology, we were delighted with the high-quality results our customer obtained. We have designed the units to be easy to use but very versatile, enabling our customers to use our tools in new scenarios but still without any C-Kore personnel offshore.”