California getting new robotic tech lab for marine research tools

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) is constructing a robotic technology lab in Moss Landing, California, that will provide the space needed for the critical assembly, integration, and testing of new equipment before deployment into the ocean.

California getting new robotic tech lab for marine research tools
Source: MBARI

The 31,900-square-foot Instrumentation Integration and Testing Facility will allow the transfer of newly developed marine research tools from the integration and test laboratories directly to research ships and sea trials.

The facility will also provide space for a weather deck to test the satellite communication capabilities of various instruments such as long-range autonomous underwater vehicles (LRAUVs), floats, gliders, and meeting space to accommodate training programs or conference rooms for hosting seminars.

Additionally, the Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CenCOOS) – a regional network of organizations based along the coast that collects, integrates, and shares ocean information for the public’s benefit – will be headquartered there.

“A healthy ocean is our first line of defense against climate change. As the planet continues to warm, we need to stay one step ahead with new discoveries and innovations to understand and better manage the ocean,” said MBARI president and CEO Chris Scholin.

“Our new Instrumentation Integration and Testing Facility will be an unprecedented proving ground for our scientists and engineers to test ideas and ensure our technology is field-ready, while increasing the speed with which we can scale our designs and move from research to operations.”

Construction is set to start in the fall and is estimated to take approximately 20 months.

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