Canada: Manned Submersible DEEP WORKER 2000 Classed by RS

Canada Manned Submersible DEEP WORKER 2000 Classed by RS

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) has conducted survey and transfer to RS class of the manned submersible DEEP WORKER 2000 upon the request of NUYTCO RESEARCH LTD (Canada). Survey of the submersible was carried out in Vancouver (Canada).

After all necessary tests including the descending with the pilot to a depth of 612 meters, the submarine vehicle was assigned the RS class with КМ*МS class notation, and a relevant classification certificate was issued.

DEEP WORKER 2000 is a manned submersible capable of descending to the depth of 600 m with one person onboard and equipped with two hydraulic manipulators (arms) for work at depth and the modern underwater echo sounding and communication means, as well as videorecording arrangements. DEEP WORKER 2000 has the unique features enabling to perform various tasks, from deep underwater work to crew training of the international space stations. Training onboard such submersibles is a required element of NASA astronaut training programme.

Studying the World ocean, reclaiming shelf deposits, exploring and developing mineral and biological resources of seas, search and rescue operations, underwater and other similar work establish conditions for promoting construction of various submersibles.

Therefore, Mikhail G. Ayvazov, RS Chief Executive Office, noted: ”RS survey during construction of manned submersibles and deep ships’ diving systems, as well as development of modern safety standards for such objects is now one of the upcoming trends of RS activities. Survey of DEEP WORKER 2000 manned submersible injects new dynamism in the development of this trend. RS contemplates to participate actively in creating other vehicles of the series and other projects for constriction and service of the similar objects within the Federal Target Program Development of the Civil Marine Engineering for 2009 – 2016”.

Press Release, March 14, 2013; Image: NUYTCO RESEARCH