Canada’s Ocean Supercluster reveals GeoScan project to support offshore wind

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster has introduced a $3.4 million GeoScan project to support the offshore wind sector.

GeoScan Conceptual Drawing (Courtesy of PanGeo Subsea)

The project aims to provide solutions to de-risk offshore wind, oil and gas, and other offshore installations by implementing wider scanning functions in underwater robotic systems.

GeoScan Conceptual Drawing (Courtesy of PanGeo Subsea)
GeoScan conceptual drawing (Courtesy of PanGeo Subsea)

Under the project, PanGeo Subsea will work with Cellula Robotics of British Columbia and the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland to reconfigure the Acoustic Corer 3D technology.

According to PanGeo, the technology will allow for a wider area scan and the ability to image geohazards to depths greater than 30 metres sub-seabed.

It is expected to lead to a reduction of personnel offshore and improved vessel efficiencies in support of Canada’s net-zero reduction targets for 2050.

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster will provide $2 million in funding to the project with the balance coming from industry partners.

As stated by PanGeo, this project will run through to March 2023.

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