Photo: Illustration/Tidal turbine installation at FORCE (Photo: FORCE)

Canada’s tidal test center scouts for board director

Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) is seeking a new Board Director to support its mission of developing tidal energy as a reliable clean energy source in Canada.

The new director will possess strong leadership experience and a track record of excellence in their field, backed up with knowledge of sustainable development and environmental management, renewable energy development, or experience in scientific research leadership.

Above all – FORCE noted – the candidate should be genuinely interested in making a meaningful contribution to Nova Scotia’s clean energy future.

FORCE is Canada’s leading test center for the development of in-stream tidal energy technology that was created to explore the potential for this emerging clean technology to play a role in Canada’s energy future.

The center, located in the Bay of Fundy, provides the electrical infrastructure to deliver power to Nova Scotians, and research and environmental monitoring programs to help ensure activity at the Minas Passage test site is responsible and transparent.

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