Cape Sharp Tidal delays second turbine deployment

Illustration/OpenHydro’s 2MW turbine used for Cape Sharp Tidal’s project (Photo: Cape Sharp Tidal)

Cape Sharp Tidal has delayed the deployment of the second tidal turbine in the Bay of Fundy for the first half of 2018.

Cape Sharp Tidal, a joint venture between Emera and OpenHydro, said it is continuing with upgrades on the second 2MW turbine for the Bay of Fundy tidal project with a focus on improving efficiency and reliability.

The work is taking a few weeks longer than anticipated, according to Cape Sharp Tidal, and with the approaching winter, the company has decided to continue with marine operations once the weather is calmer and more predictable.

Cape Sharp Tidal said it is applying lessons learned from the first deployment to the second turbine and the monitoring equipment.

Originally planned for deployment later this year, the second or ‘dry’ turbine which hasn’t been in the water yet, is now scheduled for the installation before summer next year, Cape Sharp Tidal informed.

“It’s common for there to be short delays on demonstration projects like this. We continue to focus on research and development and are applying what we learned from our first deployment as we refine aspects of the turbine technology. Whether our turbine is in the water or not, our team continues testing and modifying our technology,” Cape Sharp Tidal said in a statement.

Both Cape Sharp Tidal 2MW turbines are currently being serviced at the Port Saint John.

The first turbine was recovered from the Minas Passage in June this year, after being submerged since its installation at one of the testing berths of the Fundy Ocean Research Center (FORCE) in November 2016.

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