Changxing Shipyard Repairs MV CSCL CHIWAN (China)

MV CSCL CHIWAN is a liner vessel which only left 10 days for the repair as originally planned. Upon arrival, it’s further required to reduce to 9 days. Relying on the rich cooperative experience between us and the similarity of work spec. with the previous ones, the shipyard did its utmost to meet the owner’s requirements.

As informed by owner’s superintendent prior to vessel’s arrival, the job would include the fabrication and installation of a new cylinder oil tank and conversion of the existing one, and hidden jobs might be found on the rudder blade. The shipyard accordingly did the lofting and reserve a cleaned steel tanker for storing the cylinder oil that should be transferred during the repair. Technicians were also arranged to inspect the rudder as soon as the vessel docking.

The repair was tightly scheduled but in good order. A fluent communication with the ship owner and the shipyard’s prompt response and rectification of the problems ensured an on-time sailing.

Changxing Shipyard’s persistence for best service won high praise and acknowledgement by the fleet manager, who expressed that another 11 vessels would be docked in the shipyard next year.


Source: csgcic, October 17, 2011