China: BLM Shipyard Completes Repair Works for Vessel HELI

Owing to the continuous efforts of all staff in BLM Shipyard, the maintenance of “HELI ” was completed successfully on schedule, it sailed out of the shipyard. Learning that the main parts of this maintenance and repair concerned the main engine, auxiliary engine, pump diesel engine, emergency diesel engine, pumps and routine dock repair, etc.

The repair of the high technical requirement of the machinery, such as the main engine, which needed a big workload, was the key point that would decide whether the shipyard could finish this project within the time schedule. Facing the difficulties, all staff in the yard did everything possible to solve the problems and always try their best to get the initiative during the repair period, BLM Shipyard inspired the strength from all the departments, workshops and workers. They were working around the clock. The workers had been working for several whole nights as soon as the ship came into the premises, removed the machineries which were requested to repair. Their hardworking helped them to save the time for the later works.


Source: csgcic, November 4, 2011