China: CIC Lixin Shipyard Completes Repair Works for MV Wu Ling Shan

The repair of M/V “Wu Ling Shan” was successfully completed by CIC Lixin shipyard and the vessel sailed duly as scheduled.

The subject ship arrived to the yard on Sept. 28th and her main repair work included the hull sand blasting, the check & repair of main engine, No.1 & 2 generator engine, boiler & lifeboat, and regular dock survey. Since the repair period encountered the Chinese National Day holiday, the labor force was quite tight. Meanwhile, the work quantity was suddenly expanded as the repair staff found cracks in the tanktop plate during dock inspection. The shipyard was concerned about what the shipowner thought of it and determined to overcome all difficulties for the owners. Since then, the related departments coordinated closely and worked over night. Finally, CIC Lixin Shipyard managed to complete all jobs as initial scheduled and won the praise form the owners.


Source: csgcic, November 08, 2011;