China: CIC Lixin Shipyard Successfully Repairs Vessel MV King Faith

CIC Lixin Shipyard Successfully Repairs Vessel MV King Faith

The repair work of M.V. King Faith was successfully completed by CIC Lixin Shipyard and passed the inspection of the owners. The vessel hit the water smoothly.

The subject vessel arrived at the shipyard on Sept. 27th and her main repair scope included main engine regular maintenance, check & repair of the heat exchanger, the pumps, air compressor, fresh water generator, windlass hydraulic motor, bottom plate, hatch cover repair and tailshaft, the renewal of hatch cover rubber packing, hull sand blasting & painting, etc.

As for the coming National Day holiday, the labor force was quite tight. However, abided by the philosophy of “Good repair quality for each vessel, Better service for every shipowner”, the yard’s assigned the skillful staff to the working spot to supervise the repair progress. What’s more, they actively communicated with the owner’s superintendent and class surveyor in order to guarantee the repair quality. On Oct. 19th, the vessel successfully departed from Lixin Shipyard.


Source: csgcic, November 7, 2011