China: COSCO Shipyard Delivers ISLAND INNOVATOR

China COSCO Shipyard Delivers ISLAND INNOVATOR

Yesterday the sixth-generation semi-submersible drilling platform ISLAND INNOVATOR was successfully delivered by COSCO Shipyard Group. Built for Norwegian shipowners, the multifunctional platform, detailed design, production design, procurement of equipment, system installation and commissioning of which are completed by COSCO Shipyard, represents the highest level of technology among products of the same type in the world.

ISLAND INNOVATOR is another major breakthrough for COSCO Shipyard following the delivery of the world’s first ultra-deep water cylinder drilling and storage platform. As the first platform in China to realize the one-stop solution (design, construction, commissioning and completion) in the field of ultra-deepwater semi-submersible drilling platforms, ISLAND INNOVATOR contributes significantly to the marine equipment manufacturing industry in China.

Designed and constructed in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the North Sea Area in Norway, ISLAND INNOVATOR meets the relevant standards of Norsok, DNV, NMA, IMO, PSA, DSB, NCS and UKCS (N-Notation) as well as the NIPH standards regarding drinking water.

ISLAND INNOVATOR has a total length of 104.5 meters, a molded width of 65 meters and a molded depth of 36.86 meters. The total height of the platform reaches 103.8 meters. The design draft of the platform is 9.5 – 17.75 meters with a maximum displacement of up to 38,000 tons, a maximum operating water depth of 1500 meters, a maximum vertical drilling depth of 8000 meters and a maximum variable deck load of 4500 tons. The self-propelled speed is 10 knots. Equipped with advanced DP3 dynamic positioning and mooring positioning systems, with unmanned cabin design and centralized control of the operating room, the platform can hold 120 living units and is capable of working under adverse sea conditions (at a maximum wave height of 17.3 meters and a maximum wind speed of 51.5m/s).

COSCO Shipyard has always been committed to the marine engineering equipment industry. By now it has already designed, built and delivered a number of high-end marine products, including the world’s most advanced cylindrical ultra-deepwater drilling and storage platform “Hope” series, the world’s first self-propelled multifunctional offshore jack-up platform “SUPER M2”, the world’s second-generation offshore wind power installation vessel “Adventure” series, the world’s most advanced 105000DWT and 59000DWT shuttle tanker series with independent intellectual property rights. Moreover, the design and construction of the world’s first conceptional octagonal drilling platform, the world’s third-generation offshore wind installation vessel and jack-up drilling platform, the world’s most advanced semi-submersible offshore service platform and offshore platform auxiliary vessels and other marine products are now in progress. COSCO Shipyard Group appears to be the marine engineering enterprise with the widest range of products in China.

Press Release, September 27, 2012


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