China: Nanyang Shipyard Launches Ulstein-Designed Heavy Lift Vessel

Nanyang Shipyard Launches Ulstein-Designed Heavy Lift Vessel

On 28 May 2012, NPCC’s new offshore heavy lift vessel was launched at the Nanyang shipyard in China, to be completed by ZPMC Shanghai Heavy Industry. The vessel is a double joint pipelay vessel designed by Ulstein Sea of Solutions and will be equipped with an AmClyde Model 80 Crane capable to lift 4200 tons. The vessel will be delivered in March 2013 to NPCC in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

DLS 4200 is designed to operate worldwide and is equipped with a 10-point mooring system to operate in the Arabian Gulf and India. To meet future market requirements, the design has already been prepared for DP2 upgrade to minimize the technical impact and shorten the upgrade process.

The DLS 4200 is designed aiming for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness and features a centre double joint firing line to optimize pipelaying operations that are not hampered by vertical motions due to roll. Ulstein Sea of Solutions’ distinctive feature of separating the pipelay functionality from lifting operations is also incorporated in the DLS 4200. The firing line and the double joint fabrication areas are located on the freeboard deck, which is completely covered by the main deck. This provides a clean and dry environment for the pipelay equipment and an unobstructed main deck for lifting operations.

The AmClyde Model 80 main crane is capable of lifting 4,200 sT (3,800 mT) at a 125 ft radius over the stern in tie-back mode and 4,200 sT at 95 ft without tie-back. In full revolving mode the crane is able to lift 3635 sT (3,300 mT) with an outreach of 130 ft.

The vessel features two fixed pitch shaft driven main propellers of 5,500 kW each which will allow for a cruising speed of 13 knots. To upgrade the vessel to DP2 five (5) retractable azimuth thrusters of 3,500 kW each are required.

Nanyang Shipyard Launches Ulstein-Designed Heavy Lift Vessel

Main dimensions of the vessel are:

Loa 196.9 m Draught (design) 7.5 m

Lpp 191.7 m Service speed 13 kn

Beam (moulded) 43.4 m Installed power (moored) 4 x 5,530 kW

Depth (moulded) 19.6 m Installed power (future DP) 6 x 5,530 kW


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, June 5, 2012; Image: ulstein