China Natural Gas Vehicle Summit to Be Held in June

China Natural Gas Vehicle Summit to Be Held in June

The 4th China Natural Gas Vehicle & Gas Fueling Station Construction Development Summit 2014, hosted by CBI BIZ, will be held on June 19th & 20th 2014 in Qingdao, China.

Under the theme of “Developing natural gas vehicle & gas fueling station to establish low-carbon transport systems”, the summit will focus on China’s NGV market, analyze NGV supply and demand, study gas fueling station layout and construction process, and listen to the customers and understand their needs.

Industry Background

The oil price has witnessed sharp increase in China, which affects not only the truck users but also the public transportation companies. Companies in both freight business and travel services are now turning their eyes on natural gas vehicles, a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative. Chinese government has allocated RMB170 million special fund to support the NGV project in 2013 and more funds are expected this year.

Along with the rapid development of the natural gas vehicle industry, the total number of gas fueling stations has increased dramatically in recently years. By January 2014 there are more than 4,800 gas fueling stations in China, among which 1,844 were LNG fueling stations. It is estimated that the total number of LNG stations would reach 2,500 at the end of 2014. The CNG/LNG gas stations have been upgraded to serve a much wider range of vehicles from initial city public transportation to today’s long-distance and heavy trunk transportation.

Press Release, May 6, 2014; Image: cigv.cbibiz
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