China: ‘Offshore Structure Type Determines OSV Type’, Says Bourbon CEO

“Deepwater oil and gas discoveries generate a new deep offshore maritime services market”. Here is the key message Christian Lefèvre, CEO of BOURBON, delivered during the third Deepwater Asia Congress 2011.

A premier annual deepwater event in Asia, this conference took place between the 17th and the 20th of May in Shanghai.

“ The offshore structure type determines the offshore support vessel type” explained Christian Lefèvre. “ Whether you talk about exploration, field development, production or maintenance, whether you operate in shallow water offshore or deep offshore, this is a golden rule for this industry. New drilling units, production trees and production floaters are coming on the market. They require new OSVs”.

Through its strategic plans, and its current BOURBON 2015 Leadership Strategy, the Group organized itself to fit with this requisite. Larger and more powerful high standard vessels are built for BOURBON’s clients to meet the requirement of the deepwater market. A few examples:

* The GPA 670, a series of DP2 diesel electric PSV with methanol capacity

* The PX 105, a series of DP2 diesel electric PSV with a deck area larger than 800 m2

* The UT 722LX, a series of DP2 AHTS with a 237 metric ton bollard pull and 500 metric ton line pull winch

* The Surfer 3600, a series of high-speed (40 knots cruising speed) crewboats with 50 Business class accomodation

“Above all, competent crew and management staff will be the key success factor for safe and reliable operations” concludes Christian Lefèvre.


Source:Bourbon , May 25, 2011;