China: Repaired Multi-Purpose Vessel Constellation Leaves CIC Changxing Shipyard

Repaired Multi-Purpose Vessel Constellation Leaves CIC Changxing Shipyard

CIC Changxing Shipyard carried out a successful repair of the big cranes onboard of vessel MV HR Constellation recently. The vessel was a multi-purpose vessel owned by a German company. The main job of the repair was to renew 6 pcs. of Φ 70mm steel wires for 2 cranes of 240t SWL and the load test at 264t.

The specialty and difficulty of this job within short period made the owner in doubt whether the shipyard would be capable. The production department organized the supervisors and foremen to study and identify the repair procedures of wire renewal and prefabrication of the required tool. They coordinated themselves with the business department and dispatching department to make sound preparations for the load test. Because the 300-ton water tank for the load test was in default of a certificate, the technical department and machinery workshop took proactive communication with the class surveyor and surmounted the difficulty of accurate measurement of testing weight by the water tank, finally they managed to gain the approval of the class.

During the renewal of the steel wires, the supervisors made careful planning. Relying on the good communication with the superintendent, service technician of the maker and working teams, they improved the procedures and strictly controlled the progress. It only took 5 days to complete the renewal. After the wire renewal, witnessed by the class surveyor, the workshop and technique department calibrated the parameters of the water tank and carried out the simulation load test and the crane commissioning. The crane load test finally proved a success.

MV HR Constellation

Building yard: Vollharding Shipyards

Yard type: Vollharding 12.477 dwt

Type: Heavy Lift Multi purpose dry cargo vessel

Built: 2006

Intake TEU/FEU: 675 TEU or 323 FEU

Gear: 2 x 240 mt / Liebherr

LoA: 156,76 m

Beam: 21,50 m

Draft: 7,80 m

Speed: 15,5 kn


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, December 30, 2011; Image: hammonia