China’s first locally built methanol dual-fuel engine aces tests

A factory acceptance testing (FAT) ceremony for China’s first methanol dual-fuel low-speed marine engine was held in Dalian on May 18, 2024.

Courtesy of Headway Technology Group

The 6G50ME-C9.6-LGIM+EGRBP main engine was manufactured by Dalian Marine Diesel Engine (DMD), part of CSSC Engine (CSE).

The engine recently completed dual-fuel mode supply and dynamic operation on the methanol dual-fuel test platform at DMD.

China’s high-tech enterprise Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) provided the methanol fuel supply system (FSS) for the platform, ensuring the successful breakthrough of multiple critical points.

The one-stop solution provided by Headway Technology Group includes key modules such as the methanol fuel supply module, auxiliary heat exchange system, nitrogen system, and control and security system.

“It is the first successful application of a domestically-made methanol fuel supply system solution,” Headway Technology Group said in a statement.

The successful FAT of China’s first methanol dual-fuel low-speed engine is said to mark an important milestone in China’s marine power equipment sector.

Courtesy of Headway Technology Group

It also signifies a step forward for Headway in the field of low-carbon shipping solutions, the company said.

Last month, Headway signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CEEC Hydrogen Energy. The two parties aim to work together on hydrogen energy storage and transportation, utilization, and equipment manufacturing. They intend to jointly promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry chain by exploring integrated development modes and creating a green hydrogen-ammonia-methanol project for the shipping industry.

In related news, China Classification Society (CCS) awarded in December last year a performance assessment and type approval certificate for CHG234V8MMPI marine methanol engine to CSSC Shanghai Marine Diesel Research Institute. CCS said that this was the first marine pure methanol engine built in China.

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