Connecting Gears of the Energy Transition  

The energy transition is one of the greatest challenges of our time. A large part of the energy transition takes place at sea and sustainable innovations reshape the maritime sector. Our communities, the offshore, maritime and energy industry, are the front runners in this change.

Navingo believes that these communities must join forces to make this sustainable transition happen. That is why our different platforms found a new home together, which will be launched in April 

We are connecting the gears that set the energy transition in motion. Maritime ingenuity is needed to construct wind farms. Electric power is transmitted by subsea cabling. Oil & gas is the fuel that makes the energy transition happen. Other forms of renewable energy, like marine energy, are needed to meet energy demands. Everything is connected. 

That is why you will find your daily news provided by as of next week in the new environment This platform will provide you daily news in the full spectrum of the markets and topics relevant to the energy transition. Next to that, you will find in-depth articles, video interviews, employment opportunities, and event information. If you are only interested in news about a specific sector or subject, different landing pages are created to meet your demands. 

Navingo believes in innovation and collaboration; two qualities that cannot thrive without each other. We believe in communities working together. We connect the maritime and offshore world for sustainable solutions.    

We look forward to providing you with the latest relevant news and insights. 

World Maritime News Staff

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