Photo: CorPower Ocean

CorPower Ocean takes part in EU-funded VALID project

Swedish company CorPower Ocean has joined the consortium delivering the VALID project, focused on developing a new hybrid platform to test wave energy converters.

The mission behind the VALID project is to develop a new hybrid platform to test the reliability and survivability of wave energy converters, influenced by proven methods from the automotive industry.

The three-year project, which began in December 2020 and will complete in late 2023, combines virtual and physical environments in efforts to reduce product development costs, tackle scaling challenges and derisk final demonstration projects.

CorPower will be working alongside project partners RISE, Tecnalia, RINA Consulting, BiMEP, IDOM Consulting, Aalborg University, AVL List, WavePiston, TU Delft, Aquatera, Julia Chozas Consulting Engineering and Yavin Four Consulting.

At the beginning of the year, EU’s Horizon 2020 program awarded €5 million for the VALID project for the development of a hybrid testing platform.

A month later, the consortium launched a survey to gather industry input for the accelerated testing requirements for wave energy developments.

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