Corvus Energy’s batteries for Seacor Marine’s PSVs in Mexico

Corvus Energy’s batteries for Seacor Marine’s PSVs in Mexico

Corvus Energy will supply lithium-ion-based energy storage systems (ESS) for four Seacor Marine’s platform supply vessels (PSVs) being retrofitted with the hybrid power system.

The Orca Energy ESS from Corvus will supply electrical power to the PSVs’ propulsion and dynamic positioning system’s electrical network.

All four vessels are owned by Mantenimiento Express Marítimo SAPI de CV (“MEXMAR”), SEACOR Marine’s joint venture in Mexico.

A Corvus Orca ESS will first be added to the SEACOR Maya PSV, which is due to have its retrofit completed this month.

By July 2018, hybrid power retrofits will be completed for three additional Mexico-based SEACOR vessels: the SEACOR Azteca, SEACOR Warrior, and SEACOR Viking.

Typical vessel operations will utilize the batteries to provide spinning reserve during critical vessel operations such as dynamic positioning, as well as to provide support for peak shaving, enabling the diesel engines to operate more efficiently.

According to Corvus Energy, battery power from the Orca ESS will not only reduce the environmental footprint of the offshore operations but will also significantly reduce operational costs, including fuel & maintenance on the engines.

“We are confident in the energy saving and safety elements of the Corvus Orca ESS for SEACOR Maya and keen to start the migration of more of our vessels to this unique, environmentally friendly and highly efficient power solution,” said Tim Clerc, Manager of Engineering, SEACOR Marine.

Halvard Hauso, Senior Vice President of Sales at Corvus Energy. “Utilizing an Orca ESS as part of the Kongsberg hybrid solution, these PSVs will become the first hybrid PSVs in the Americas to help clients meet strict the environmental regulations for reducing NOx, SOx, and CO2 emissions.”