COSCO hands over first FSRU to Cyprus

Shanghai COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, a subsidiary of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, has held a delivery ceremony for the floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) Etyfa Prometheas, which will serve the first Cyprus LNG import terminal in Vasilikos.

Courtesy of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry

According to COSCO, the project is China’s first MOSS spherical tank LNGC conversion FSRU project and is the first “One Belt, One Road” energy project between a Chinese enterprise and the European Union (EU).

During the project execution, Shanghai COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry said it completed the front-end design, basic design, detailed design and production design, international and domestic material and equipment procurement, as well as construction and hoisting of regasification modules and power modules.

Key projects included renovation, equipment installation and commissioning, gas testing, sea trials as well as ship life extension for 20 years and non-docking maintenance for 20 years.

To note, the vessel, 296 meters long and 46 meters wide, stores 137,000 cubic meters of LNG and has a regasification capacity of 4×105 mmscfd.

As already mentioned, it will serve the Vasilikos Port LNG terminal project, Cyprus’ largest engineering project in recent years and an important part of the country’s national energy strategy.

The terminal includes FSRU, a jetty for the mooring of the FSRU, jetty borne and onshore pipelines, as well as additional facilities.

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