utility-class ASV

CSA and SeaRobotics team up on new ASV platform

US-based companies CSA Ocean Sciences (CSA) and SeaRobotics are jointly developing the next generation utility-class autonomous surface vessel (ASV).

Courtesy: CSA

Based on the SR-Surveyor M1.8 ASV, introduced by SRC in 2019, the new utility-class ASV will deploy the same fully integrated control, survey, and autonomy systems, providing the market with a fully compatible line of ASVs that are capable of addressing a wide range of tasks – from 1.8-metre inshore/nearshore vessels to over 12-metre ocean going vessels.

The SR-Utility 3.0 and SR-Surveyor M1.8 will share common spare parts, software, and operator training by sharing a common uni-cab architecture.

The unique SRC uni-cab design standardizes the core of the ASV product line, providing customers a standardized fleet that can be easily configured to address a wide variety of tasks quickly and cost effectively while still retaining the fully integrated Surveyor software and controls.

“Finally, a highly reliable and flexible standardized product line of ASVs for the professional market,” stated Kevin Peterson, CEO of CSA. “The SR-Utility 3.0 adds to our existing fleet of SR-Surveyor M1.8s, while allowing us to maintain the same crew training, spare parts, and support depots already established. For a commercial enterprise, standardization makes a difference in running a profitable operation.”

Lou Dennis, VP of SeaRobotics also noted:

“The development of this upgraded line of utility-class ASVs will give us an extremely flexible standardized product line, with an extensive selection of thrusters, power systems, hull sizes, payloads, and sensor configurations, of which many of the upgrades can be handled by our customers over their years of ownership as new opportunities are identified.

“Having the direct input of a highly experienced customer such as CSA will ensure that this next generation of utility-class ASVs will be capable of a wide range of precision tasks in the environmental, geophysical, and ocean sound survey markets already supported by CSA.”

Since the new utility-class ASV is based on the application of existing autonomy and standardised technology recently introduced to the market by SRC, units will be available for shipment in 2020.