CTI Welcomes New Chief Scientist

Chesapeake Technology, Inc., (CTI) has appointed David Finlayson as chief scientist. CTI is a provider of hydrographic survey software for sidescan, sub-bottom, magnetometer and bathymetric applications.

CTI Welcomes New Chief Scientist

Finlayson is an expert in acoustic remote sensing and seafloor mapping technologies and will be working directly with co-founder and CTO, John Gann, to optimize algorithms and develop new apps for broadening SonarWiz use cases.

Finlayson joins CTI from the US Geological Survey where he supervised seafloor mapping operations for the Pacific region and conducted research into techniques and algorithms designed to enhance the accuracy and fidelity of interferometric and beam-forming sonars.

He has participated in more than 60 mapping cruises with missions focusing on everything from sub-surface seismic and landslide hazard assessment, to seafloor morphodynamics, bottom habitat and sediment characterization and in-situ gas plume mapping.

Finlayson has extensive experience in nearshore and shallow water mapping where his knowledge of marine and airborne navigation systems was crucial to the success of several high-profile projects for the federal government. Finlayson earned his Ph.D. from University of Washington and joins CTI with 8 years as a hydrographer for USGS, and 5 years as a sonarman for the US Navy.

“I’m glad to have David on our team, said Gann, he has a strong capacity to combine a deep theoretical understanding of seafloor mapping with practical real-world experience and I’m looking forward to see SonarWiz grow with his contributions.”

“Having used SonarWiz throughout my career, I’m excited to work with the team that built it from the ground up. John’s a smart leader with a strong team and I can’t wait to hit the ground running.”

Press Release, September 15, 2014


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