Crestwing's Tordenskiold wave energy prototype operating offshore Denmark (Courtesy of Crestwing)

Danish wave energy device nears commercialization with new grant and govt support

Danish company Crestwing has secured funding from the Den Danske Maritime Fond to support the technical development of Tordenskiold, its wave energy device prototype.

Crestwing's Tordenskiold wave energy prototype operating offshore Denmark (Courtesy of Crestwing)

With this funding, and support from the Danish government’s EUDP (Det Energiteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram), the device is nearing commercialization.

The prototype device is 30 meters long, 7,5 meters wide, and weighs 65 tons. The device falls under the attenuator type of floating wave energy devices that operate parallel to the wave direction, with a hull designed as that of a ship.

These devices capture energy from the relative motion of their two arms as the wave passes them, and according to Crestwing, the company plans to sell its commercial-scale device to energy production companies at home and abroad.

“We look forward to the new collaboration with the Danish Maritime Fund, as well as a continued relationship with EUDP. Their support is essential to enable Crestwing to reach commercialization,” said Crestwing in a social media post.

According to Crestwing, as the prototype project concludes, the company is also preparing to manufacture and deliver its first 2.5 MW C-WEC, inviting potential investors and partners to join this journey.

In November 2020, the company completed the second offshore testing campaign on its Tordenskiold wave energy device prototype.

In terms of other related news, in May 2023, Crestwing made progress in advancing its wave energy technology as part of a collaborative project funded by the EUDP. 

Supported by €980,000 from the EUDP, Crestwing has partnered up with Aalborg University (AAU),  marine engineering company Shipcon, and software and engineering company Logimatic Engineering to demonstrate wave energy technology that is market-ready.

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