DECC Invites Tenders for Energy Consultancy Services

UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has issued a contract notice for a project of up to GBP 10 million in an effort to form an energy technical specialist framework.

DECC plans to appoint suppliers for technical support for determination, evaluation and delivering the UK energy and climate change policies and programmes as part of the Energy Technical Specialist Framework.

The framework will consist of 22 lots with each having up to 6 suppliers.

Focusing on offshore wind and hydroelectric and marine technologies, including wave and tidal, are lots 2 and 8. Total value of these lots ranges from GBP 100,000 to GBP 450,000.

In the document, a brief description of the likely subject areas for offshore wind includes:

  • Cost structure of off-shore wind projects (both CAPEX and OPEX or equivalent),
  • In assessing the viability of new technologies and their deployment potential,
  • Planning and consenting issues (such as radar, acoustics, etc.)

As for the marine technologies lot the likely subject areas include:

  • Cost structures and technology development in the marine environment,
  • Deployment, maintenance, foundations, marine growth/fowling on equipment and cables and survivability in storms.

The deadline for submission of tenders is December 22, 2014.

Offshore WIND Staff; Image: flickr/Steph Gray

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