Deep Casing Tools sets new manufacturing record in Q1

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Deep Casing Tools has announced that the company has already exceeded the manufacturing output of 2013 within the first quarter of this year.

Deep Casing Tools sets new manufacturing record in Q1

Deep Casing Tools provides a range of innovative tools designed to land casing and completions at target depth within oil or gas wells.

More than 70 tools have been dispatched worldwide this year to Canada, the USA, Middle East and Australia, beating the record 55 of tools produced and sold during the previous year. Distribution between tools run remains the same with an equal split between casing and completions.

Lance Davis, CEO of Deep Casing Tools, said: “Successful tool runs with new clients in Canada and the United States have increased the demand from operators, which are applying the technology to improve the well construction process. New trial tests are also underway with operators in Mexico and the Middle East, which should lead to an excellent year for the company.”

Deep Casing Tools’ reaming and unique drill through technology provides significant time and cost savings when compared to conventional methods. With the new ability to ream while running in, the casing can be run sooner while the hole is in best condition, eliminating wiper trips and open hole exposure time.

Press Release, April 25, 2014
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