Deep Green micro-grid buoy on the move (Gallery)

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The micro-grid system (MGS) buoy that will be used for Minesto’s 500kW Deep Green tidal energy plant has hit the waters of the River Clyde and is now ready to be towed to the installation site.

The MGS buoy will be used to handle and analyze electricity generated by Minesto’s first utility scale Deep Green marine energy converter.

Having been constructed, assembled and commissioned in Glasgow, the buoy was lifted from the King George V dock by two of the quayside cranes and attached to a multicat vessel after completed preparatory works.

The preparations included installation, testing and commissioning of the MGS itself, the power plant’s operating system, environmental sensors and communication systems.

The buoy will now be towed to Holyhead for upcoming installation at Minesto’s site in the Holyhead Deep in Northern Wales.

To remind, the first installation phase for Deep Green power plant has already been completed with the deployment of the gravity-based structure, which includes the bottom joint system, in an operation conducted earlier in May.

(Photos: Minesto)

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