Deep Sea Mooring to support Quadrant ops off Australia

Deep Sea Mooring (DSM), a Vryhof company, has secured a contract with Quadrant Energy to provide pre-lay mooring solutions to the Transocean GSF Development Driller 1 rig offshore Australia.

DSM said on Monday that the deal for the work on the semi-submersible drilling rig, a continuation of previous work for Quadrant Energy, would begin in March 2018.

The agreement, with the project scope and engineering consultancy coordinated out of Perth, will enable Quadrant to have access to DSM and Vryhof Anchors’ advanced portfolio of pre-lay mooring solutions that include chains, fiber ropes, anchors, connectors, buoyancy, and handling equipment.

Offshore personnel, back deck services, marine representatives, and all equipment will be deployed from DSM’s Karratha, West Australia base.

DSM also provides Advanced Distance and Positioning System (ADAPS) technology ensuring real-time, accurate positioning and the pitch, roll, and depth of penetration of the anchor; and radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking and asset management systems that track all equipment and help save time during mooring and anchor handling operations.

Barry Silver, Deep Sea Mooring’s managing director for Asia Pacific, said: “Today’s announcement is the continuation of a highly successful track record of delivering for Quadrant and is a significant platform upon which we can continue to grow our Australian business during 2018.”

As recently reported by Offshore Energy Today, the GSF Development Driller-1, hired to drill the Phoenix South-3 well off Australia for Quadrant, reached South Africa.

The rig reached South Africa where it will undertake scheduled maintenance. Following the completion of maintenance work, the rig will then be towed to the Phoenix South-3 location.

The GSF Development Driller 1 rig was built in 2005 and is a sixth generation semi-submersible with a maximum water depth of 7,500 feet and drilling depth of 37,500 feet.