Deep Trekker unveils new semi-autonomous ROV

Deep Trekker has launched a new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system, the REVOLUTION NAV.

Offering advanced navigation and stabilization, this new package is leading the way in semi-autonomous vehicles.

The REVOLUTION NAV package provides pilots with a Google map showing the ROV’s position on screen, allowing users to see where they are, leave a trail to show where they have been and set points of interest to where they want to return to.

Furthermore, advanced stabilization features allow operators to station hold against currents, enable auto altitude and pilot their vehicle precisely and accurately through varying water conditions.

We are thrilled to be launching the REVOLUTION NAV,” shared Deep Trekker president Sam Macdonald. “With this new package, users will be able to know where they are in real time. This advanced navigational tool allows for more complex missions to be successfully carried out by ROV pilots.”

The REVOLUTION NAV’s capabilities are useful for applications in open, murky water or when there is significant current.

The REVOLUTION NAV uses our BRIDGE technology and sensor fusion to provide station keeping, location tracking and intelligent navigation in addition to real time location data,” explained Macdonald. “We aim for constant innovation and the REVOLUTION NAV allows us to continue to provide advancements to our customers and pave the way towards autonomy.”

The pairing of USBL and DVL with Deep Trekker’s BRIDGE technology and sensor fusion bring this navigation system to life. USBL systems utilize sonar beacons to triangulate the position of the ROV. A GPS chip inside the Deep Trekker BRIDGE Controller allows the system to correlate the data and provide real time latitude and longitude.