BAR Deltamarin

Deltamarin and BAR Technologies introduce new wind-optimized hull design

Deltamarin and BAR Technologies have unveiled a new wind-optimized hull design named Aquilo, showcasing a practical step toward sustainable ship design.

Image credit: Deltamarin

Specifically tailored for Aframax/LRII vessels, Aquilo represents an advancement in overall performance by integrating advanced hull design with BAR Technologies’ WindWings®️ technology. This collaboration seeks to reimagine traditional ship design concepts, focusing on optimizing both the hull structure and propulsion systems for significant wind assistance.

Aquilo’s notable feature is its commitment to aerodynamic optimization, achieved through the strategic placement of four WindWings®️ and the incorporation of AeroBridge®️, a novel aerodynamically superior deck house design. The main dimensions and characteristics of the hull have been optimized to enhance efficiency during operations with significant wind assistance, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

Simulation results indicate a daily fuel consumption of less than 26.8 metric tons at 14.5 knots and approximately 12.6 metric tons per day at 12 knots, based on an average global route.

The move comes as BAR Technologies announced partners in China and Europe that will manage the production of the company’s wing sails.

Namely, just a few days ago BAR revealed that it has teamed up with Nervion Naval Offshore (Nervion) to manage and oversee the production of BAR Technologies’ WindWings in Europe.

The deal was announced on the heels of the company’s partnership with Chinese giant CM Energy Tech to manage and oversee the production of BAR Technologies’ WindWings in China.