Deltamarin, Cargill showcase their wind technology in a virtual showroom

Deltamarin, in partnership with Cargill and BAR Technologies, has launched a virtual showroom of their WindWings technology.

Image credit: Deltamarin

WindWings is a wind propulsion system designed to harvest wind energy, and it has the potential to reduce a vessel’s CO2 emissions by up to 30%, according to its developers.

The large hard sails can be fitted on the deck of a ship to harness the power of the wind and reduce the vessel’s fuel consumption and emissions.

The developers believe that the design of a vessel where the sails are fitted is equally important taking into account the required characteristics for maximal performance with wind assistance.

The interactive virtual showroom presents WindWings with adjustable features such as the position of the wings and the direction of the wind.

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“Promoting environmental issues is at the heart of our designs and we are constantly exploring new ways to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and to create unique solutions based on customer requirements,” Deltamarin said.

Cargill and BAR Technologies embarked on a strategic project with naval architect Deltamarin at the end of 2020 to bring wind propulsion technology to commercial shipping.

The project, still in the design stage, will see BAR Technologies’ WindWings fitted to the deck of bulk cargo ships. The first vessels to feature the design are expected on the water by 2022.

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