Photo: Courtesy of Deltamarin

Deltamarin unveils new LNG-powered boxship design

Finnish ship designer Deltamarin unveiled its new LNG-powered Kielmax container vessel design, named C.Delta2100.

Deltamarin unveils new LNG-powered boxship design
Courtesy of Deltamarin

It provides a flexible platform for a whole series of designs, which can be adapted to various customers’ requirements as a result of several optional feature studies.

“The platform design is “future-proof”, taking into consideration possibilities to use alternative fuels to reduce carbon footprint or even zero-emission power production,” Deltamarin said in its statement.

The platform design includes ice class 1A for unlimited Baltic Sea operation.

The C.Delta2100 provides a container capacity of 2,100 TEU in four cargo holds and on deck. The increased cargo hold breadth improves stability in the fully laden condition.

Extensive effort has been focused on the C.Delta2100 hull form development to ensure low resistance combined with high propulsion efficiency, the designer said.

The 18,500 DWT vessel design features an overall length of 179.4 meters and breadth of 31 meters.

Optional features of the C.Delta series include higher LNG capacity, methanol, ammonia, hydrogen as fuel, a flexible number of reefer plugs, shaft generator PTO/PTI as well as several ice classes, Deltamarin said.