Denmark Based Erria AS Becomes Intellocorp’s Client

Denmark Based Erria AS Becomes Intellocorp's Client

Intellocorp, LLC, a company that provides easy to use, yet highly-sophisticated software solutions for the maritime shipping industry, recently announced that Erria A/S, a Denmark-headquartered global service provider of maritime transportation solutions, which manages a fleet of 43 ships, has become their newest client.

“We choose Intellocorp as they have a vast knowledge and understanding of the industry,” says Erria A/S’ Managing Director, Mr. Henrik N. Andersen.

Erria A/S had been using a trial version of Intellocorp’s brand new SaaS (Software as a Service) program called Intelloship™ on one of their combined dry-cargo and container ships, and officially signed on for service before the trial period was barely half way along. “After just a few weeks, we gained a better picture of our business,” Andersen adds. “There is no backlog in the office, and the dashboard is available 24/7, 365 days a year.”

Intelloship™, launched earlier this year, is designed to give real-time data on fuel performance, crew performance and several other performance indicators (KPIs) for a variety of container, cargo, cruise and Ro/Ro vessels at sea as well as onshore corporate executives. Intellocorp used the latest Microsoft technologies and tools to build Intelloship™ which runs in the Microsoft Azure secure cloud infrastructure, and Microsoft was so impressed with the program, they asked Intellocorp to become a new strategic partner with the software giant. “Microsoft did a great job in making this happen and we had great success,” says Intellocorp’s CEO Morten Bjoern.

Ship operators can view data in one place, on an easy-to-read and navigate Executive Dashboard which is constantly being updated in real time. Complete transparency can then be delivered across fleets and from ship to shore. Its biggest benefit besides being web-based (no on-site installation is needed unless customers choose the On-Premise version), is that it requires no maintenance and is dramatically less expensive than other maritime SaaS solutions.

“Companies are looking for advanced software systems to monitor their fuel performance, and more, and typically end up making huge investments,” says Bjoern. “Some programs can cost millions of dollars to develop, plus you also have the added high cost of software analysts. All of this is removed with Intelloship.”

Compared to similar software programs, Intelloship™ incorporates LDAP user authentication, Excel spreadsheet web uploads, in-depth filtering capabilities, robust benchmarking and a bandwidth-friendly light design. It is available for a low monthly fee and can be completely customized to the client’s needs. Customers can download cumulative trend data directly from the website in Excel format and integrate it with Crystal Reports or other Microsoft tools. They do this by simply connecting to the Internet using their favorite browser on desktop or laptop computers, cell phones or Ipads, and easily move through the prompts.

IntelloShip™ also maintains a historical archive of all voyage reports entered into the system in Excel format which is easily accessed via the Dashboard. In addition, a future release of the system will include a “Data Threshold” feature where data validation will range between minimum and maximum values and trigger alerts if the data doesn’t meet specified criteria. These alerts can be sent via email or automated phone call to the responsible manager/executives for fast action-oriented decision making.

What’s more, Intellocorp’s leadership team and developers is made up of former maritime executive and engineers who know exactly what maritime customers are looking for in a reliable, easy and cost-effective way to monitor ship operations. Bjoern grew up in the business, and has worked as a mariner, engineer and technical consultant. He founded this state-of-the-art technology due to the lack of visibility and operational clarity of data he saw in the maritime industry. Now Intellocorp’s revolutionary, highly-intelligent system can quickly retrieve required data by the user simply clicking and pointing a computer mouse.

“Making data work for the customer is our prime directive,” adds Bjoern. “Most companies only utilize between 5-10% of the data collected to monitor vessel performance. But now they can get back to the basics by using the data they already have available while having our software help analyze it. Then they’ll have a clear, failsafe decision-making tool that has minimal risk and huge savings. As Erria A/S now knows, this is business intelligence at its best.”


Source: Intellocorp, May 10, 2012