Denmark: Fayard Shipyard Secures Sea Power Upgrade Contract

Fayard Shipyard Secures Sea Power Upgrade Contract

A2SEA, which has been selected as main supplier of installation vessels for the wind turbine installation, is upgrading the installation vessel Sea Power at Fayard A/S in Munkebo which previously housed the shipyard Lindøværftet.

Sea Power is a self propelled crane vessels equipped with 4 jack-up legs enabling it to carry out offshore crane operations with great precision and control. The vessel is ideal for mounting turbines in shallow waters and provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for customers looking to service existing turbines.

The vessel is a first generation wind turbine installation vessel, which took part in the installation of the wind turbines in the Horns Rev 1 and Nysted offshore wind farms approximately 10 years ago. However, in order to use Sea Power for the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm project, it has been necessary to replace the crane so the vessel could  handle the considerably heavier wind turbine components.

Vessel Particulars:

Length – 91.76 m

Breadth – 21.6 m

Draft -4.25 m

Leg length – 32 m

Deck load – 1.5 – 2.0 t/m²

Tanktop load – 5 t/m²

Free deck space – 1020 m² (subject to deck layout)

Total net deck load 2386 t (depending on stability)

Service speed – 7.8 kn

Operating water depth – 4.5 – 24 m (depending on tide, penetration)

With the new crane, Sea Power will almost double the lifting capacity of the crane.

As of January 2011 Fredericia Shipyard A/S has emerged as FAYARD A/S, a modern and efficient shipyard with 3 dry docks, located in Munkebo near Odense. FAYARD A/S is a privately owned company, founded by the Andersen family in 1916. Under the leadership and ownership of the family through 3 generations, the yard has expanded from a small boat builder’s yard into a large, modern and efficient repair yard able to meet any requirements on vessels, platforms and drilling rigs.

Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, March 7, 2012; Image: a2sea.