Denmark: Maersk Captains Prepare for Triple-E Vessels (VIDEO)

Triple-Es Bridge Simulation for Maersk Captains

The captains who will take charge of the Triple-Es have to prepare for the new vessel and its twin-skeg setup, which is different from the single engine and propeller on the E-class vessels (and other container vessels).

They do this with the help of the same bridge simulation programme which is also made available to the pilots and tugboat captains in the ports which the Triple-Es will be calling.

In an interview, two of the captains who will soon be at the helm of a new Triple-E vessel, explain how the bridge simulation prepares them for the task ahead and what the major differences are between the current largest vessels of the Maersk-fleet, the E-class, and the new Triple-Es.

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Maersk Line, May 22, 2013

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