DNV GL certifies Tocardo’s tidal turbine

Certification body DNV GL has issued a ‘Statement of Feasibility’ to Tocardo’s T2s bi-directional open rotor tidal energy turbine.

The issuing of a ‘Statement of Feasibility’ represents the first stage of the certification process for Tocardo’s turbine, DNV GL said, reaffirming its support to the Dutch tidal turbines manufacturer as it targets the full Type Certification for its T2s turbine in early 2017.

DNV GL said Tocardo has been following the DNV GL certification process outlined in the established service specification for the certification of tidal turbines and arrays DNVGL-ST-0163.

Benson Waldron, Head of Renewables Certification Section at DNV GL – Energy, said: “We are working closely with Tocardo to ensure that as they grow, they meet the requirements outlined in DNV GL’s Tidal Turbine Standard (DNVGL-ST-0164) and that they achieve their aim of tackling some of the main commercial, as well as technical obstacles, by building confidence with investors and insurers.”

The work undertaken as part of the ‘Statement of Feasibility’ was based upon a review of Tocardo’s design documentation and drawings, workshops with the design team, as well as visits to facilities where the T2s turbines are assembled, DNV GL said.

The next steps on the path to obtaining full Type Certification will be a detailed design review, manufacturing survey and quality inspections and device testing.

Hans van Breugel, CEO of Tocardo, said: “We are ready to further commercialize our technology with our certified turbines and to show the world what tidal energy is all about: providing a clean and reliable source of energy that could fulfill some the world’s electricity needs.

“Another important step in this professionalization is the collaboration with Profin Sustainable Energy Solutions. Over the years, Profin has built a large project portfolio – and the experience that comes with it will benefit us well. We trust this will be the start of a long and fruitful relationship.”

As reported earlier, Tocardo will install five upgraded 250kW rated T2s tidal turbines in the Minas Passage in Canada’s Bay of Fundy late in 2017.

The novel T2s turbine will also undergo further testing in UK at the Perpetuus Tidal Test Centre (PTEC), in the Isle of Wight, and the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.

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