DOF Charters “Normand Reach” CSV

DOF Charters Normand Reach

Reach Subsea AS announced today that the company has signed a Letter of Intent with DOF Subsea in Norway for the charter of the Normand Reach construction support vessel for a 2 year firm contract with 2 yearly options.

Reach Subsea will provide subsea services including 2 Reach Subsea WorkROV systems and personnel to DOF Subsea from the newbuild CSV Normand Reach, as from delivery from the yard in May 2014.

The vessel will be working under a 5 year contract for Reach Subsea AS from next year. Solstad Offshore is the owner of Normand Reach.

Normand Reach will be used mainly in the North Sea by DOF Subsea on their subsea projects as from delivery from the yard. The contract represents an important step for Reach Subsea in building up an integrated
subsea service company in Norway.

Kåre Johannes Lie, the CEO of Reach Subsea AS said : ” We are delighted to win this important contract with DOF Subsea, and we look forward to work together with them onboard our flagship Normand Reach.”

The vessel has an overall length of 121 meters, 23 meters beam, 1300 square meters of deck, 7,2×7,2m working moonpool and a 250 ton subsea  construction crane. The integrated ROV hangar features handling equipment for both over-side and moonpool launch, enabling ROV launch in high sea states. The vessel has accommodation for 100 people and is designed according to the latest environmental standards with focus on comfort and fuel consumption, and complies with DNV’s Clean Design notation.

November 01, 2013