DOF Subsea scores batch of new deals

DOF Subsea, a Norwegian offshore vessel operator, has been awarded several contracts for utilization of vessels in subsea IMR projects.

Skandi Singapore; Image by: Bahnfrend; Source: Wikimedia – under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license

DOF said on Tuesday that it was awarded a contract by the Norwegian Mapping Authority regarding hydrographic services for the MAREANO 2019 program.

According to the company, the specialized survey and IMR vessel Geograph will be deployed on the project that is expected to last until late fall.

The MAREANO program collects marine knowledge. It maps depth, topography, sediment composition, biodiversity, habitats, and biotopes as well as pollution in the seabed in Norwegian coastal and offshore areas.

The company also won several contracts in the Asia Pacific region for the utilization of the Skandi Singapore and Skandi Hercules.

“Adding these new contracts to the previously announced awards gives DOF Subsea an order intake of more than NOK 1 billion ($115.5M) in the Subsea/IMR Project segment during the first two months of 2019, securing utilization for several vessels and ROV systems,” DOF stated.

DOF Subsea was also awarded a contract for the CSV Skandi Constructor by Siemens on the Beatrice offshore wind farm project in the North Sea.

Mons S. Aase, CEO of DOF, said: “I am pleased with the magnitude of the contract awards and our global organization’s ability to secure utilization for the group’s assets in a challenging market.”

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