Dolphin charters ‘Polar Marquis’

Dolphin has chartered a high-capacity 3D seismic vessel, Polar Marquis, from GC Rieber Shipping for a firm period of 3.5 years with 2+2 years options.

Dolphin charters 'Polar Marquis'

The vessel has just completed a significant seismic and propulsion upgrade, with a redundant and flexible engine package of 17.400 Kilowatts and more than 200 tons bollard pull.

Polar Marquis will provide the safe capacity to operate 16 streamers with 100 meters separation.

“This will put the vessel among the top ten seismic vessels in the world,” Dolphin said in a press release.

Polar Marquis is now mobilising for its first contract survey in the Black Sea utilizing a spread of 14 seismic cables with 100m separation, followed by an additional contract in East Africa.


May 21, 2014


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