Dredging Contracts in the Spotlight at IAPH World Port Event

This year, dredging takes the spotlight with a special business innovation panel, at the IAPH World Ports Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, 17-19 March 2020.

According to the Central Dredging Association (CEDA), the session ‘Dredging Strategy: Best Practices in Tendering Cost Management and Relationships’ aims to enhance relationships and understanding between dredging contractors and ports, and to discuss if current tendering processes are in line with what both sides require for a successful collaboration.

CEDA also added that attendee participation is encouraged for this interactive workshop on Thursday 19th March. The workshop will discuss a fictional contract for dredging operations in a port scenario with different stakeholders — a port, a dredging contractor, a consultant — that has run into issues.

Attendees will be asked to act as an external consultant brought in to resolve the issues together with an expert panel curated by CEDA and its Dredging Management Commission.

Expert panel members will be:

Kathleen De Wit, Principal Engineer, Dredging and Environment Department, IMDC, Belgium;

André van Hassent, Asset Manager Ports and Fairways, Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands;

Johny Van Acker, Head Tendering Department Dredging International, Belgium;

Charles Wilsoncroft, Director, HKA, UK.

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