Dutch Firm to Right Modern Express

The ill-fated car carrier Modern Express could soon be righted as the Dutch Koninklijke Roeiers Vereeniging Eendracht (KRVE) has been hired for the job.

KRVE will deploy their ShoreTension system to right the vessel so the unloading of its cargo of wood and excavators can start.

Modern Express, which is currently moored in Bilbao, will be held in position using six ShoreTensions, with the ShoreTensions absorbing the vessel’s forces on the warps and compensating for the vessel’s movements.

This should provide for safe removal of the cargo.

The 164-metre car carrier ran into troubles at sea on January 26 when it encountered inclement weather.

Modern Express’ 3600 ton cargo shifted and the vessel started listing some 240 km off Cape Ortegal, Galicia, in the Bay of Biscay.

A number of efforts were made to tow the vessel, but due to rough sea conditions, Modern Express continued drifting for over a week, after which it was finally towed away from the French coast.

The vessel safely entered the port of Bilbao, Spain on February 3.

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