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E.ON and TES to import green hydrogen into Germany

European energy company E.ON and Belgian hydrogen company Tree Energy Solutions (TES) have agreed on a strategic partnership to import green hydrogen at scale into Germany.

E.ON and TES to import green hydrogen into Germany
Courtesy of TES

Under the partnership, the companies will look into potential joint engagements along the entire hydrogen value chain. The goal is to build a source for a secure, long-term green hydrogen supply.

Most importantly, hydrogen is a major part of a successful energy transition. It is to replace fossil fuels and help meet the Paris climate targets.

E.ON says it is ready to actively support the development of a hydrogen economy in Germany and Europe. It wants to significantly expand the plans to engage in electrolysers, grid infrastructure, and renewable energies to produce green H2. In addition, it will engage in investments along the entire H2 value chain. Because of this, it established a new E.ON Hydrogen unit at the end of 2021.

TES is developing a green energy hub in the German port of Wilhelmshaven. The energy hub will feature a receiving terminal, storage facilities, and a clean, zero-emissions oxy-fuel combustion power plant. It is also developing the production of green hydrogen in solar belt countries and investing in the supply chain and infrastructure.

TES will transport green hydrogen from solar electricity, in the form of fossil-free green gas (CH4) to Europe. Moreover, it is planning to invest in infrastructure to transport the CO2.

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Patrick Lammers, COO at E.ON, said that a push for a functioning hydrogen economy must have top priority in Germany and Europe.

The partnership with TES is an important step on the way to a sustainable energy landscape while ensuring security of supply. It moves us a step closer to net-zero; without the use of green gases such as hydrogen, it will be impossible to completely avoid CO2 emissions.”

“This is an exciting long-term partnership that will allow us to combine relevant experience to accelerate the decarbonisation of the energy chain,” Paul van Poecke, founder of TES, added.

“Our ambition is to build the Wilhelmshaven location into a hub for international hydrogen trading and upgrade the infrastructure accordingly. Through this hub, TES will supply a mix of green and clean energy to economically lead Europe to reach its net-zero ambitions.”