Inna Braverman and Minas Papadakis (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)

Eco Wave Power and partners discuss next steps for 2MW wave power plant in Greece

Eco Wave Power and its project partner Rogan Associates have conducted an official site visit to the Port of Heraklion in Greece to discuss the next steps for the planning of the 2MW wave energy project.

Inna Braverman and Minas Papadakis (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)

The Heraklion breakwater in Crete is currently being analyzed for a potential 2MW wave energy power station, to be developed by Eco Wave Power and Rogan Associates.

During the site visit, the representatives from the companies inspected the breakwater at the Port of Heraklion, from both the shore and the seaside, and held meetings with the managing director at Heraklion Port Authority, Minas Papadakis, and other port representatives, to provide updates regarding the milestones achieved so far in the planning of the project.

The next steps of the project will be to conduct further studies and analyses of the site, with Rogan Associates focusing on the civil engineering and pricing for a 2MW installation, and Eco Wave Power working on the detailed project design.

During a joint interview of Eco Wave Power’s founder and CEO Inna Braverman and Minas Papadakis with CRETA – the official news channel of Crete – the Heraklion Port’s managing director described the prospective installation of a 2MW power station at the port as an integral component of its sustainability initiatives, aimed at mitigating port emissions and fostering a cleaner operational environment.

Papadakis said: “We are encouraged by the progress that Eco Wave Power and Rogan Associates have made in their efforts to bring wave energy to the port. The successful implementation of this project would not only contribute to the sustainable development of Crete but would also serve as a beacon of innovation for coastal communities across Greece, showcasing the potential of renewable energy sources.”

Christos D. Solomonidis, chairman of the board of directors and partner of Rogan Associates, added: “We are pleased with the progress and collaboration with Eco Wave Power in bringing another source of renewable energy to Greece.

“We believe that the port will be a pioneering location for Eco Wave Power’s innovative technology and we are excited that our potential project could provide a blueprint for ports around the world to drastically reduce their emissions and provide an untapped source of clean, renewable energy to future beneficiaries.”

In April 2023, Eco Wave Power entered into an agreement with Rogan Associates to bring its wave energy technology design to Greece for the first time in the country’s history.

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Rogan Associates, considered one of Southeast Europe’s leading consulting engineering firms in port and waterfront development, has over 45 years of experience in marine-related projects, including coastal engineering, port operation and management, maritime and harbor works, and urban analysis and planning both regionally and internationally.

According to the collaboration agreement, Rogan Associates is reinforcing the existing breakwater and planning the potential extension of the breakwater.

In addition to the completion of the wave energy production analysis, Eco Wave Power will custom design its wave energy technology to retrofit the existing breakwater at the port.

This work conducted by the parties is funded as part of a grant received by Rogan Associates and Heraklion Port Authority from the European Union Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency.

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