Eco Wave Power ups Gibraltar project numbers

Eco Wave Power said it has seen improvements in power output and significant cost reductions for its grid-connected wave energy power plant in Gibraltar.

As a result of an upgrade of the automation and control system, as well as experience gained in operations and maintenance, Eco Wave Power said it has managed to significantly increase uptime for the Gibraltar power plant.

In 2018–2019, power production performance of the array reached 70 per cent of the forecasted output for the site, as compared to 31 per cent in 2017–2018. Furthermore, direct maintenance and repair costs decreased from 18 per cent of project cost in 2017, to 9 per cent in 2018 and 4 per cent in 2019.

Inna Braverman, CEO of Eco Wave Power said: “This data confirms that Eco Wave Power is on the right path for commercialization and supports the fact that wave energy is a viable source of renewable electricity.”

Eco Wave Power engineering team analysed and verified the results.

However, they will also undergo independent verification by Dr. Guang Li, an expert in ocean energy at the Queen Mary University of London.

Dr. Guang Li stated: “I would like to commend Eco Wave Power for its transparency in revealing the results of their Gibraltar project. The release of real results has a significant importance for the progress of scientific and business communities working in the wave energy sector.”

Validating technology

Opened in 2016, Eco Wave Power’s facility in Gibraltar generates electricity to the grid by harnessing the rise and fall of the waves. The power plant is made up of a series of eight floaters, which are connected to one conversion unit, with a total installed capacity of 100 kW. One of its principal functions is to act as a testbed for the Eco Wave Power technology and offers the company a cost-efficient development platform for further enhancing system performance and cost.

The next step for the company is to finalize the construction of the EWP-EDF One project in Israel and validate technology performance in a second grid-connected site, with different wave conditions. This will enable Eco Wave Power to forecast energy production for different wave climates, which is key to commercial roll-out and also bankability of the technology.

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