Eco Wave Power wins grant to further advance wave energy tech

Swedish-Israeli wave energy company Eco Wave Power has secured a grant from the Wohl Clean Growth Alliance to work with Queen Mary University of London on further advancement of its wave energy technology.

L to R: Kamyar Mehran; Inna Braverman; and Guang Li (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)
L to R: Kamyar Mehran; Inna Braverman; and Guang Li (Courtesy of Eco Wave Power)

The grant is awarded to the parties with the goal of promoting and facilitating the establishment of a long-term research collaboration between researchers Guang Li and Kamyar Mehran from Queen Mary University of London, and Eco Wave Power’s engineering team.

The research collaboration will focus on further development and improvement of the control system for the Eco Wave Power’s wave energy converter, to enable a faster commercial rollout of its technology.

In addition, the £20,000 grant shall be used for the organization of an international conference and dedicated technical workshops with stakeholders from Israel and the UK.

Inna Braverman, founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power, said: “This grant from the Wohl Clean Growth Alliance is the second grant approval notice that we have received this month, with the first one being the €178,500 grant from the EU as part of the ILIAD Consortium.

“We see this as a vote of confidence in Eco Wave Power and our pioneering technology and look forward to a productive collaboration with  the team from Queen Mary University of London, which holds significant expertise in marine energy control systems and power and control system engineering”.

Researchers Guang Li and Kamyar Mehran, added: “We are grateful for the Wohl Clean Growth Alliance for their vote of confidence and are very excited to commence the collaboration with Eco Wave Power, which is positioned as one of the leading companies in the wave energy sector. We believe that our collaboration will yield significant knowledge and scientific progress, which shall contribute to the commercialization of the wave energy sector”.

The Wohl Clean Growth Alliance is an initiative funded by the Wohl Legacy Foundation, that is managed by the British Council together with the UK Science and Innovation Network in Israel in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology.

The goal of the initiative is to further research-linked cooperation between the UK and Israel in areas of clean growth linked to food, water, and energy.