EDS on cable fault response duty for RWE Renewables

EDS on cable fault response duty for RWE Renewables

EDS HV Group has won a five-year framework contract with RWE Renewables to provide cable fault response and repair services across the energy company’s wind farms offshore the UK.

RWE Renewables

Under the framework agreement, EDS will manage all aspects of cable fault response by mobilising engineers to test and identify the specific location of a fault and provide a detailed report with recommendations on fault rectification. The high voltage electrical engineering firm will also support RWE Renewables in the fault repair process.

The contract also gives EDS the flexibility to work across Europe for RWE Renewables.

“Over the past few years, the offshore wind industry has experienced faults with several export and inter-array cables,” Ryan Murphy, Head of Operations at EDS, said.

”Whilst we’re working hard to provide proactive solutions to aid the fault location process and provide more data insights during operation; with the significant increase in offshore wind development globally, it is inevitable that more faults will occur. Therefore we have positioned ourselves appropriately to provide reactive fault response services centred around safety and network availability.”

The contract focuses primarily on cable fault response, identification, and repair work, but will enable RWE Renewables to access the wider service offering of EDS, too.