EMEC, FORCE study marine coatings

The UK’s European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), and Canada’s Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) have kicked off a joint project looking at marine coatings behavior on either side of the Atlantic.

Working with Whitford, a high-performance coatings manufacturer, the two marine energy test facilities will look at differences in corrosion and underwater behavior of innovative marine coatings at both test centers.

Neil Kermode, EMEC’s Managing Director, said: “Marine conditions experienced at FORCE’s test site in Nova Scotia are very different from what we are seeing across the pond at EMEC, in Orkney. So the inclusion of a technology testing program with us will provide a different experience if they then decide to deploy in Canada, or vice versa.”

Tony Wright, General Manager at FORCE, added: “EMEC and FORCE are both working to advance the marine renewable energy sector responsibly and economically, and opportunities like this – to share research, knowledge, and technology – is critical to that work.

“Jointly studying issues like marine growth, corrosion, and other outstanding environmental and technological questions will ensure developers have the right approach wherever they end up deploying their technologies.”

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